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Music I like, for some reason...

Consolidated Musical Harbours:
(order is random)
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds
Erykah Badu
Me'shell Ndegeocello
Medialuna Tango Project
Kaki King
Kings Of Leon
Devendra Banhart
Kate Nash
Iron and Wine<
Amy Winehouse
Curtis Mayfield (Wow!)
TV on the Radio
Nouvelle Vague
Bob Dylan
Nina Simone
Aziza Mustafa Zadeh
TV On The Radio
Amalia Gré
Gotan Project
Federico Aubele
Bajo Fondo Tango Club
Chava Alberstein
Agnès Jaoui
Squirrel Nut Zippers
17 Hippies
Hawksley Workman
Susheela Raman
Lhasa De Sela
Rufus Wainwright
Bright Eyes
Ed Harcourt
Leonard Cohen
Bob Marley and the Wailers
Massive Attack
Michael Franti and the Spearheads
Arrested Development
The Flaming Lips
Franz Ferdinand
The Beta Band
David Bowie
Pink Martini
Ben Harper
The Police
Peter Gabriel
Jeff Buckley
John Lee Hooker
Fabrizio De André
Paolo Conte
Vinicio Capossela
Franck Sinatra
Manu Chao
Bim Sherman
Piccola Orchestra Avion Travel
Talking Heads
The Beatles
Papa M
Joseph Arthur
Dave Mathews Band
Terry Callier
Rino Gaetano
Paul Weller

and others will be added...

listen online:


Radio Darvish

Sufi music

The Flaming Lips

Pink Martini

Radio Cubik Network

Radio como en la Radio

La 2x4 FM 92.7

Recently discovered
(or currently listening, anyway)

Candi Staton
William Orbit
St. Vincent
Melody Gardot
Piers Faccini
Ben Harper & The Relentless 7
Gabriella Cilmi
JJ Cale
Olivia Ruiz
the Bird and The Bee
The Knife
Neko Case
Jeremy Jay
Bat For Lashes
Bill Callahan


the first feedback i received after i invited people to pass by, was a friend who, among many nice things, couldn't beleive i hadn't put the Stones and the Doors in the list of Consolidated Musical Harbours. He touched a delicate point, so i feel i can write something on the subject; that is to say that i WAS uneasy exposing a list of this sort, 'cause i know so many of you guys would have reacted like Marco.

I don't feel guilty.

First of all because this is a "first-hand site" I threw on the web without much thinking, ESPECIALLY as for what concerns words, personal likes and commercial or social issues; i speak better in images.

secondly, my lack of sense of guilt obeys my life up to today: neither my parents, nor my big brothers, nor my highschool friends, nor my girlfriends, nor my ex-wife, nor the people i worked with were so fond of the stones or the doors to make me absorb a passion for them. Of course i know them, and i've always liked the hits i heard on the radio, but i never felt i needed to buy a whole record: Didn't even ever received one as a gift, so, as a matter of fact, i don't have them. Other musics filled the gap, i'm sure, since i live my days with some music playing in the background (now it's chet baker and art pepper, on the radio). I said passion and i referred to intimate relations; i guess i absorb a musical passion better when i'm deeply involved with the original listener... if it's a fault, it's been a groovy one!

Thirdly, i am struggling to get free from memes, in the way that i'd be fairly satisfied if i could at least recognize them when they try to use me. To enjoy the good ones and to get rid of the bad ones. It's a nonsense in itself, since i can only make such a distinction with the use of other memes, but one thing is to be born in a certain world, with it's meme population symbiotically living with us human carriers, and another thing is to see humans launching artificial memes trained to drain our pockets or, worse, our minds, for their personal advantage. (we) advertisers of all types do this for a living.

(This speech, as i type it, is a thought. When you read it, it's still my thought. If it makes you think, it's a meme-embryo. If you tell somebody you liked it, it has become a meme. if your listener refers it along, confirming it's cool, it will become cooler, and cooler and it transforms in a strong meme, which doesn't mean it has to be a good meme! Do the same with a brand, and you have our cool meme-wars filling our lives)
((On a personal level, i think this is like the memory of a memory, like when i have an opinion i know i always had, so i stick to it))
So i don't really care if it's not cool not to know the stones or whoever. once more i know it's a strong meme, constantly pushing to get in my list, and i'll be happy for it the day it'll win :-). I'm sure they're already doing castings to detect the surf-girl that will help me absorb their music, hahahahahaaaaaa... nooo, an agreement with my children seems to be more likely.

No need for particular defenses from music, anyway; the serious stuff is elsewhere: the world can't agree on deciding which ancestral memes are correct and which are not, and it's a mess. some artificial memes have their damn responsabilities in all this confusion.

I want to concentrate on this, now.

It's fucking hard, whith human carriers burping or not burping, celebrating death in black or in white, and feeling guilts they don't even understand, given such old origins...

Ah, i also like zydeco; heard in ignorance, loved instantly, decided to shoot a support-meme right now.

(dodge this)

- the meme of luca -

Mine is bullshit; some experts are here: