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i find these broken rearview mirrors cycling around in Milan. some of the last ones, though, are gifts i received. thank you, friends =)


obstination is what they tell me, simply because of their tendency to stay together, no matter the number of vehicles that crush them over and over during the day.

Borges said something like: "we are our memories: an immaginary museum of everchanging shapes, a bunch of broken mirrors..."

...we never really SEE mirrors; we almost always just see our reflection, but not the mirror itself. If we remember a particular mirror, it's likely we're are remembering the shape, the frame, the room, everything but the real mirror.

In these images, mirrors are black and blank...potentially quite a boring show; but the cracks, the underlying structure and, of course, the shapes give them a front role they never had during their "life", especially being hung outside a car instead of in the dining room.

Therefore, i shall hereby declare this place as a permanent memorial for those humble and heroic mirrors, fallen at our sides after years of dutiful hitting of urban cyclists and bikers, abandoned and substituted in a cursing eye's wink.

their remains inspire me to reconsider i too have but one life, and am replacable. But, being human, not being a totally reflecting entity, i shouldn't need to get myself crushed in order to gain a face of my own. i guess an online gallery helps :-), as undoubtly do the several cracks i've earned up to now.

Milan, 21/09/05


thanks, car-owners :)

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