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Since i bought a small digital camera i stuffed my hard drives with tons of images. Too many for this site, so i'll look for some space somewhere. 

(...some time later...)
Hmm, not exactly what I thought, but there ARE other places where I'm uploading some pics: actually, I messed things up a little bit, so I've activated a blog, a web gallery, and I could complicate things even more...
I'll start with a first series, then see what to do with the others.
Seems they're open to comments. If you want, of course :-)

Have some nice jumps:







things_seen_other (larger galleries of things seen around, above, under and inside me)

things_seen_old slides

It's official: after almost 3 years the Nikon Coolpix 4300 is kaputt. Electronics still work, but the zoom is jammed. I know why: two summers ago i took it to the sea, and a drop of surf ricocheted on the lens; so i guess salt is the cause. As a matter of fact i'm now quite suspicious and seriously considering models with internal lenses.. Christmas is near, I'll let Santa do the choosing ;-)

It's done! I bought myself a new camera :-)
It's a Fuji Finepix F10, and i think i'm gonna love it.... as long as the zoom works.

update, as of march 2017.


So, the fuji started having spots on the images, and I was getting prepared for an important trip back to the place where I was born; I needed a new little digital camera!

This was at the beginning of 2009.

I was lucky: a shop was selling a silver Panasonic LX2 for a very reasonable price, and I grabbed that.

It did a good job. After maybe a couple of years the zoom lever broke, and I decided to have it fixed (nowadays you normally don't, not on consumer-level products; buying a new model is the habit, but I loved the pictures it had taken up to that moment, besides hating to throw stuff that still basically works).

I am still using it, and just starting doing RAW (which it does).

It has taken 154 k pics, and is now enjoying the Liberian colors for the fifth time. I must say I'm impressed..

Update May 2020_
so... speaking of hardware... about a year ago the zoom on the LX2 decided not to work anymore. Once again I had it fixed, with great satisfaction. This little Panasonic is still giving me all the captures I need, after 11 years.
the counter says I've taken more than 166.000 shots. Yay!